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Safe Teens - Net & Cells

Let’s stop persecuting ‘Auschwitz selfie girl’ for smiling at a camera
I grew up Jewish so I’m naturally very sensitive to the horrors that took place at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. I’m also very critical of Holocaust deniers and those who would minimize what the Nazis did to Jews, gays and … Continue reading Continue reading

Privacy and security tips for newly-minted college students
This post first appeared on Forbes.com by Larry Magid Congratulations. After a long and sometimes stressful childhood you (or your teen) are ready for college. It’s a big step that involves a great deal of freedom and independence and an exciting … Continue reading Continue reading

Teen Health and Wellness

YouTube Star Hit with Copyright Lawsuit
At 16, Michelle Phan began posting makeup and beauty video tutorials online. Today, she is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting 6.7 million subscribers. Phan is now facing legal trouble for doing something that many teens have done: using copyrighted materials in the content she creates. Dance music label Ultra Records is suing Phan because she placed copyrighted songs in her videos without a license. While teens are frequent digital content creators and often use copyrighted materials, those instances are usually legal because they are considered “fair use.” Phan, however, profited from her videos. Her YouTube fame led to endorsement deals that have made her a millionaire.

To Boost Your Mental Health, Play Sports
You already know that staying active is essential for your physical health. Scientists are also finding it is essential for your mental health. A new study from Canada found that playing sports leads to lower levels of depression, anxiety, and stress for teens. The benefits even lasted four years beyond the time a student was active. The study looked at students in grades 8 to 12 who participated in basketball, soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, and other activities. Researchers said the benefits of playing sports were comparable to the effects of taking anxiety or depression medication.

Teen Death Highlights Caffeine Dangers
18-year-old Logan Stiner had just been crowned prom king and was a week away from graduating high school when his life was cut short. According to doctors, he died of a caffeine overdose. Stiner reportedly used caffeine powder as a workout supplement. Emergency rooms nationwide have reported that teens are snorting caffeine powder or mixing it in alcohol. Other recent teen deaths have been linked to highly-caffeinated energy drinks. Teens may not realize the dangers of caffeine. While the caffeine in coffee and soda can make you alert, too much can cause heart attacks or seizures. When consuming the stimulant in energy drinks or as a powder, it is hard to judge how much caffeine you are ingesting. Caffeine powder is not regulated by the government, so it can be sold to anyone.

World Cup Star Tim Howard on Overcoming Tourette’s Syndrome
While the U.S. national soccer team is no longer a contender for the World Cup, one team member has become a sports icon. Goalkeeper Tim Howard catapulted into stardom after record-setting performance in last week’s match against Belgium. Howard’s path to success was not easy. Like hundreds of thousands of teens, Howard has Tourette’s syndrome. Tourette's is a neurological condition that involves involuntary muscle movements and uncontrollable vocal sounds, called “tics.” People have misconceptions about those with Tourette’s and what they can accomplish. One British newspaper mocked Howard for his “brain condition.” Howard says that Tourette’s made his life “chaos” from ages 9 to 15, but playing soccer helped him cope. As leader of the U.S. team, Howard has proved that teens with Tourette’s can overcome their condition and fulfill their dreams.